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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Team Orange cars

will create all the team orange cars just gotta figure out hot to create the vinyls for them lol on txd workshop or if there are any other easier ones please tell me

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Car Team Orange Evo IX

this is the car ill be using for gta sa drifting will get all other car and make them downloadable soon

Team orange driver details

Nobushige Kumabo

Major Achievements
EEnter the championship 2001 Round 1
E2002 D1GP 4th
E2003 D1GP Runner up
E2004 D1GP 6th
E2005 D1GP 4th
E2006 D1GP Champion
E2007 D1GP Runner up
E2008 D1GP 7th
E2009 D1GP 7th

Kumakubo is a leader of Team Orange and also well known as the General Manager of Ebisu Circuit. He started to use rear wheel drive converted Subaru Impreza in D1GP since 2005 and won 2006 title. From 2007 he changed his car to Mitsubishi EVO 9 and finally replaced to Mitsubishi EVO X in 2009. His extreme attacking style in Tsuiso (twin battle) hasnft changed even he is in different cars! His motto is gTsuiso joutou (twin battle well come)h.

Naoto Suenaga

Major Achievements
EEnter the championship 2004 Round 6
E2005 D1GP 19th
E2006 D1GP 28th,
@D1 Street Legal Series 17th
E2007 D1GP 27th,
@D1 Street Legal Series 7th
E2008 D1GP,
@D1 Street Legal Series
E2009 D1GP 28th

Suenaga is older brother of well known gSuenaga Drift brothersh and he works for Ebisu circuit as Public Relations. He loves any motor sport and used to race on motor cycles same as Kumakubo. He started to compete at D1GP with Subaru Impreza (GC8) from 2006 and also competed in D1 Street Legal Series with his own private car. In 2008, he builds a new record in D1 Street Legal Series with 5 wins out of 6 rounds and became a championship winner. He is trying to repeat same domination with his swapped ex Kumakubofs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 in 2009.

Tomohiro Oshima

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Chibikko Gang

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Masanori Kohashi

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Sumika Kubakawa

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